Lahaul and Spiti


A Cold desert Mountain valley located in the North eastern part of Himachal Pradesh. Literal meaning of the word Lahaul and Spiti is “The Middle Land”. Meaning may be the land between India and Tibet. This place provides one with plenty of Adventure opportunity in the form Of Trekking, wildlife and Camping in spiti is very famous. Has the most beautiful lake Chandrataal. Also famous for Neelkanth Mahadev, Dhankar Lake trek, Dhankar Monastery, Ki Monastery, Kaza and Tabo Monastery. Kibber is very famous for catching the mysterious snow creature the Snow Leopard in action. We have plenty of suitable packages covering this lovely destination in detail, plus they’ll be easy on your pocket as well.


Tabo(Elevation: 3280M): A Peaceful little town on the way from Rekong Peo to Kaza, Tabo is known for it’s 1000 years old monastery. Even The Dalai Lama expressed desire to retire in Tabo as he believes this place to be the holiest. If you are an art enthusiast or not, visibly a little obscure and amply ancient paintings on the temples within the monastery will make you love them.


Kibber (Elevation: 4270M)

Situated high amidst Himalayas Kibber offers so much in form of nature and spirituality that you will come back with a library worth of experience visiting this place alone. Perhaps the best place to capture the illusive Snow Leopard live in action this little village is so full of rare wildlife plus there is a beautiful monastery if you suddenly feel the urge to dedicate some time spiritually you should visit this monastery and get Lord Buddha’s blessings. Kibber is also known as Kyibar.


Key Monastery (Elevation: 4,166M)

Also known as the Kye Gompa. It clads the hilltop like a blanket all over and provides an exquisite view of the Spiti River flowing beside it. This monastery is the biggest in the Spiti Valley. This ancient monastery was founded by a Monk in the 11th century. It’s interior walls are full of paintings and murals depicting ancient Buddhist tales.


Langza Valley (Elevation: 4400M)

Being the signature Spiti village this place is also full of scenic beauty and picturesque monasteries. Surrounded by desert mountains this place is an amazing site to behold. Solitude reigns here as the population of this village is only around 138 People with main occupation as agriculture some population also makes woolen goods and utensils. Statue of Buddha overlooking the valley is the only major man made attraction in this village however you can take small treks to visit nearby lakes if you’re in a mood for some adventure.


Hikkim (Elevation: 4,400M)

Located approximately 16KM Northeast from the center town Kaza is the Hikkim village. The road from Kaza to Hikkim is very treacherous. Plus due to it’s high elevation and snow it stays cut off from the rest of the world for atleast 8 months a year. Populated mostly by Buddhist people it’s a very peaceful village and if you want to connect to yourself spiritually this is the best place to be. Tangyud Monastery is the major place of attraction in the nearby Komic village.


Dhankar Lake (Elevation: 4140M)

Located approximately 33KM Southeast of the Town center Kaza is located this blue gem called Dhankar lake. It’s a very attractive and ethereal place as if god himself created this place on his day off. It’s located above the peaceful Dhankar Monastery and it can be reached by a small trek from the Dhankar Monastery.


Dhankar Gompa (Elevation: 3,894M)

Spiritual abode of the Buddha is located 33KM Southeast of the town center
Kaza is located at an amazingly spectacular location, overlooking the confluence of Spiti and the Pin River from atop 100 Feet. Plus the paintings and Thangka murals here are pretty endangered of vanishing however they still remind us of something very epic and spiritually enlightening.



Chandrataal (Elevation: 4,300)

Lake of the moon, owing its name to its crescent moon shape is only one kilometer trek away from the nearest parking lot, and at the end of the trek heaven like place awaits you when you reach the lake. Being the origin of river Chandra one of the tributaries of River Chenab this lake overlooks the river in it’s full glory. Plus this place is ideal for star gazing so don’t forget to get your night vision goggles along. Many have captured extraterrestrial type encounters here as well.


Pin Valley National Park (Elevation: 3,500M - 6,000M)


This national park was established by the Indian Government on 9 January 1987. Heavily influenced by Buddhist culture which is evident in this vast areas architectural style, many small n big monasteries and high number of Stupas. This trek is not for the weak hearted as it’s a very long and treacherous trek. However if you enjoy long and treacherous treks this is ideal for you. This trek culminates at the beautiful Mud Village.