Kullu(Elevation: 1279M)

Kullu is the town centre of the Kullu District located 10KM North of the Bhuntar airport. Famous for the Great Himalayan National Park, Raghunath Temple and Bijli Mahadev Temple. This valley has moderate climate all through the year so you’re welcome to visit this place throughout the year.

Naggar Village (Elevation: 1800M)

Welcome to the most beautiful village in Asia, Naggar, stands 22KM South from the Mall Road Manali. Famous obviously for its beauty that enchanted Nicholas Roerich so much so that he spent a few quality moments here and the place put such a spell on him that he decided to never leave this place again and lived here forever. Today an art Gallery stands there commemorating his presence. Apart from that Naggar village is famous for Jana falls and the Gauri Krishna temple.

Great Himalayan National Park(1279M)

GHNP is one of the enchanting national Park located 8KM South from Kullu. It is a nature’s home to numerous flora and fauna species, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, annelids, mollusks and insects. It’s a part of UNESCO list of world heritage sites, which is now one of the most recent additions to a huge network of wildlife reserves.

Bijli Mahadev(2460M)

One of the sacred abodes of Lord Shiva, this 3KM trek is located 22KM Southeast of Kullu. It’s known for it’s 12 year miracle where a lightning strikes the 60feet tall wooden staff every 12 years and shatters the Shiv Ling beneath, then the priests apply butter to the pieces and stick the shivling back together in it’s former self, over time the cracks miraculously heal, n then after twelve years the cycle repeats itself.

It’s an interesting place to visit, as the view from the top is amazing, It says in the hindu scriptures that the mountain atop which the temple stands, once was a big dragon which Shiva defeated and turned to a mountain.

Manali (Elevation: 2050M)

Manali is a beautiful little town located 270KM north of the state capital Shimla. It’s not only the gateway to Spiti and Leh, but also serves as the adventure capital of Himachal, where you can indulge in all sorts of adventure activities like Paragliding, Trekking, Camping, River Rafting and what not. Plus we have a lots of packages designed covering this beautiful destination.

Hadimba Temple

Located 1.5KM Northwest from the Mall Road, Manali. This temple is the abode of the goddess Hadimba. It has a 3 Inch tall sculptor made out of brass representing the goddess herself. Plus an enormous rock slab occupies the temple, only goddess Hadimba knows how they put it there. This is a lovely place to be if you’re looking for some spiritual time out. The serenity and the beautiful cedar forest surrounding this place will put a spell on you.

Manu Temple

A Temple dedicated to the first human being Sage Manu also the Author of the ancient text Manu Smriti is located 3KM Northwest from the main market Manali. This temple is an epitome of the old architecture. Plus a beautiful place to visit if you’re looking to escape the hum drum of the agonizing city life.

Vashisth Temple

This temple is dedicated to the sage Vashisth is located 3KM North of the main market Manali. It is famous for it’s hot water springs plus this temple is 4000 plus years old and still standing proud surviving the tides of time. You can visit this place to pay homage to the sage Vashisth plus enjoy a soothing bath in the natural hot water springs here.

Solang (Elevation: 2560M)

Solang valley is the reason why Manali is known as the adventure capital of Himachal as this little valley located 14KM Northwest of the town centre Manali is home to Paragliding, zorbing, Ice Skating, Skiing, Hot Air Balloon, etc adventure activities. This place is the hot spot for adventure buffs because of it’s adventure favoring climate and terra. This place is also an origin of the famous Patalsu peak trek.

Rohtang Pass (Elevation: 3978M)

Literal Meaning of whose name is the field of corpses Ro meaning corpses and thang meaning field is a place which looks like you’ve landed totally on a different planet, this place holds such enigma. Plus the journey to this place is an adventure in itself, you can enjoy picturesque views At Gulaba, and Marhi on the way to Rohtang Pass. Plus this place is full of adventure opportunity in the form of paragliding and trekking.

Parbati Valley

Another gem in the jewel box of Himachal is the Parbati Valley Consists of places like Manikaran, Kasol, Tosh and the very famous Kheer Ganga Trek. Parbati Valley is a place to behold as it provides plenty of adventure opportunity in form camping plus this place is the origin of many famous treks i.e. Hampta Pass trek, Pin Parvati pass trek. We have plenty packages covering this beautiful destination which are conveniently designed plus are easy on your pocket.

Manikaran (Elevation: 1760M)

Manikaran Sahib is a gurdwara with hot water springs located 33KM Northeast from Kullu. It is a good hangout spot for families or even if you’re with the group of friends. You can also enjoy a soothing bath in the hot water springs here.

Kasol (Elevation: 1580M)

Kasol a small hamlet town located 30KM Northeast from Bhuntar is a hotspot for back packers as it’s the origin of several treks like Chandrakhani Pass trek, Devil Valley trek, Malana and Kheerganga. Also known as Mini Israel for it’s Jewish Population and Heritage.

Malana (Elevation: 2652M)

Malana is an ancient enigmatic village located 40KM Northeast from Bhuntar. Denizens of this village claim to be the direct descendents of Alexander the Great’s soldiers, and speak a very different language known as Kanashi. They also claim that there village has the oldest bicameral parliamentary system. Beware of touching anything in the village or you can be fined a handsome amount. Overnight stays at Malana are banned now so you can visit the village and will have to leave by the evening.

Kheerganga (Elevation: 2960M)

One day trek from Kasol Kheer Ganga is a mesmerizing trek up the hills where you’ll find a lot of Hot Water Springs on the way and at the final destination as well. You can forget the din of the city life at this serene place.