Shimla (Elevation: 2276M)

Summer capital of India during colonial reign, offers plenty mountain adventure opportunity. In the form of Burma bridge, river crossing, Nature Walk, mountaineering, camping rappelling, and is riddled with so many adventurous trekking trails. We have many economical and appropriate packages designed covering Shimla the queen of hills to the fullest. Come and have an adventure filled stay at Shimla with Rucksack Adventures.

Christ Church

Christ church was built in 1857, known for it’s signature gothic architecture serving Anglican British community at the time, now stands as the symbol of Shimla.

Mall Road

Consists of The Ridge, Lakkar Bazaar, Mall Road, and Lower Bazaar, all famous for Souvenirs and Shopping, foodies can also savor different kinds of cuisines here, as this place has a lot of great eateries.

Vice Regal Lodge

Also known as Rashtrapati Niwas, Vice Regal Lodge is located atop the Observatory Hills of the Hill Queen Shimla. Formerly it was the residence of the British Viceroy of India. Apart from it’s beautiful Architecture it contains a wealth of documents and photographs from the colonial era.

Jakhoo Temple (Elevation: 2455M)

Located 2.5Kms north of the Ridge Shimla, is one of the oldest temples in the suburbs of Shimla. It is said that lord Hanuman while bringing back the sanjivani bootie, took a breather here. Since that day it became one of the prime abode of lord hanuman, beware of the ornery monkeys here as they will hold your gadgets ransom in return for the gram and sugar prashad given here at the temple. It’s also the home to a 108 feet tall colossal statue of the lord Hanuman.

Kufri (Elevation: 2720M)

Kufri a small hill station located 20KM east of Shimla, provides with plenty adventure opportunity in form of Horse Riding, Skiing and Camping. Also boasts of the Mahasu Peak which is the highest point in the surrounding area. We have got plenty of good packages covering this beautiful destination as well.

Naldehra (Elevation: 2148M)

Naldehra is a little picturesque hamlet located 25KM North from Shimla. You can catch some golfing action here as this place has an amazing naturally formed golf course. If you don’t like golf then you can enjoy a Horse Ride to the top of the Naldehra hills, and enjoy the picturesque surrounding views. Plus it’s a very famous family picnic spot aswell. Where you can catch a bite surrounded with natural beauty.

Chail  (Elevation: 2250M)

Located 44KM South of Shimla Chail boasts of beautiful virgin forests, wildlife sanctuary, Palace known as the Chail Palace, Highest altitude cricket ground and the Kali Tibba temple. One can come here and spend the day amongst the natural beauty and wilderness.

Mashobra(Elevation: 2146M)

Located 13KM North East of Shimla Mashobra has some unique scenic beauty in form of beautiful apple orchards, reserve forest sanctuary, Cregnano Park and wood cottages, One can come here and enjoy the wilderness and the company of friendly local people.

Narkanda(Elevation: 2708M)

A small town Located 65KM North East of Shimla is a beautiful place to be if you’re into skiing, and camping, It’s the home to adventure oriented travelers, it has also got the highest peak in the area standing proudly tall at a staggering 11000FT. Plus it has also got an Old Church which was built in 1843.


 Last station of Shimla district adjoining District Kinnaur Sarahan is located 150KM North East of Shimla. This Temple Town is famous for Bhima Kali and Shirai Koti temple.